Adventures in Technology Blog, Getting Started with “Hello World”

Welcome to my first blog article.  On the whole, this blog will be about various adventures in technology. It will include thoughts, experiments, general enjoyment and cool stuff relating to the world of information, communication and technology.  My personal adventure with technology and especially the love of coding started 40 years ago with a friends ZX81. By today’s standards, it was an extremely basic system, however, we did manage to plot a bar chart.

Like many when they start their own adventures in technology, especially as a coder like myself when learning a new computer language I am going to say hello to the world.

Hello World

Just about everyone who ever writes code?

One of my reasons and goals for creating this blog is to learn more about WordPress. But more on that in the future.

So what’s with the name of this blog?

If you are wondering why this blog is called ict-man instead of it-man, there are two reasons for this. Firstly it-man when read out loud it turns me into a hitman that may disappoint some readers who were expecting a blog about a completely different subject.  

Secondly, whilst many people, including myself, use the phrase information technology we should remember the silent C. Communication is often overlooked especially when it comes to us mortal and fallible humans.  I have experienced various situations where the rush is on to collate data or to produce results quickly only to find that due to the lack of human to human communication the end product or MVP* was not fit for purpose. Features go unused, generated information is meaningless or worse still there is little understanding on how to read the data and charts and what they are really telling you.  I suspect I will blog more about this in the future.

hand holding a beer bottle celebrating the start of this adventures in technology blog with a mountain backdrop
Cheers World!

For now, I am off to celebrate getting this site up and running and the publishing of my first article.


*Apologies to sporting fans, MVP above is not the Most Valued Player, but the Minimum Viable Product.  Although the C in ICT is my Most Valued Player.  Wikipedia to the rescue

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  1. Sheena Johnson
    Sheena Johnson says:

    Completely agree about the need for good communication, often overlooked and so important!

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