About Me, David Pullin

Hi, I’m David Pullin, a professional software developer with a love of coding and crafting ICT solutions.

David with a pint
Enjoying a beer at Whitby Brewery, Whitby, England

I started to code at a young age using the Sinclair ZX81 and then the ZX Spectrum home computers.  Back in the 80’s I was quite proud of my monochromatic machine-code sprite routines on the ZX Spectrum.  Drawing perfect circles and the colour brown was exceedingly problematic due to the low graphic capabilities of the time.

Fortunately, the whole world of information, communication and technology has vastly changed since. So much more is possible today and since those baby steps, I have been fortunate to apply and continue to learn my craft in many industries including haulage, logistics, finance, retail, pharmaceutical and legal.

For the last few years, I have been working as a Full Stack developer mostly but not exclusively with PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, MS SQL Server, MariaDB and MySQL.  Prior to that, I spent a number of years developing commercial .NET applications.  I am currently working more with WordPress and assisting local organisations.

The Red Arrows at Southport Air Show

I live in Southport, a coastal town situated in the North West of England.  Check it out.  We have a pier, funfair, 22 miles of coastline with stunning sandhills nature reserve, both a grassland and saltmarsh bird sanctuary.  There are plenty of golf courses and annual events such as an air show, flower show, comedy festival and the British musical fireworks championships.